Ranking A Video The Right Way

Ranking your videos on the first page of results on YouTube and on Google is one of the most important parts of the YouTube marketing process because that’s how you’ll make your videos relevant and easy to find, and we’re going to teach you how to do it now, the right way.

Uploading Your Video

Start by uploading your video to your YouTube channel. You can upload a video to your channel from anywhere on the site by clicking on the camera icon button located on the top-right corner, and then by clicking on the “upload video” option.

Now click on “select files to upload”, locate your video file and then double click on it. Your video will start uploading, and you can start optimizing your video once it is uploaded and processed.

Optimizing Your Video For Search

To rank a video on top you will have to optimize your video for search by stuffing the higher-traffic search terms that you found during your keyword research with your target keywords and the name of the brand or product that you are going to promote in your video title and in your video description, by using the higher-traffic search terms and your target keywords as tags, and by using video keywords in your titles and descriptions.

Optimizing Your Title

Let’s start with the video title. Your video title should be at least 5 words long, and it has to include at least three out of these four elements: high-traffic search terms, target niche keywords, the name of your brand or product, and video keywords.

In this example, we are going to start by entering a high-traffic term for our target niche in the “Title” field. Now we are going to enter our target niche keyword, which is also the name of the website that we are going to promote, because the website’s name is a long tail keyword targeting a specific niche, the “diabetes care” niche.

You have to make sure to type a coherent title, so you might need to rearrange the order of your keywords and high-traffic terms.

Now that we have rearranged our keywords into a coherent title, we have to insert our video keyword. Video keywords are keywords that YouTube analyzes as more relevant because they are included in the majority of high-traffic videos that are uploaded to the platform.

Video keywords include “Review”, “How To”, “Tips”, “Tutorial”, “Cute”, “Funny”, and keywords related to the fitness, sports, health, and lifestyle niches. For our example, we are going to add the “Tutorial” keyword at the end of our title.

Optimizing Your Description

Now you have to optimize your description. The strategy here is simple, as you’ll just have to stuff your most relevant keywords within the first 250 characters of the description.

That’s because YouTube video descriptions only show the top 250 characters, or approximately the first 25 words in the description. After 250 characters, viewers will have to click on “read more” to check the rest of the description.

Search engines also pull keywords from the first 250 characters in your description, so we recommend you to also include your website’s URL in the description. Don’t shorten it! If you shorten it, Google and YouTube might not be able to index it.

Adding Tags

Tags are a crucial part of ranking your video because they’re the most specific data that search engines will use to index your videos and to increase your brand’s or channel’s authority.

Adding tags to rank your videos is easy. You’ll just have to enter the search terms with the highest search volumes that you found during keyword research and your target niche keywords in the “tags” field.

Publishing Your optimized Video

Now that you’re finished optimizing your video for search and top rankings, you’ll just have to select a thumbnail on the “video thumbnail” section and then to click on the “publish” button.

Verifying Your Ranking

YouTube videos are ranked almost immediately because they’re uploaded to YouTube’s own website, which means that both the YouTube and Google algorithms give a very high priority to video content uploaded to the platform.

Because of that, you’ll be able to check how high your video ranked on search results right after you publish it. So after you publish your video, type one of the keywords or a combination of your keywords on the YouTube search bar and click on “search”.

In our example case, you can see how our video ranked right on top of the search results, and it is visible without having to scroll too much down the page!

You can also type the same keywords on Google to see if it ranked on top there as well. In our case, we’re going to move over to google.com and then we’re going to enter the same keywords that we used to search our ranked video on YouTube on the Google search bar, and we’re going to click on the search button.

As you can see, our video has been ranked on top, right alongside more popular uploads! So make sure to always apply these crazy simple optimization tricks to rank your videos from the get go!