Step 1: Creating an AdWords Account

Creating an AdWords account is extremely simple, so for that reason this step will be really short. Begin by visiting, or if you are not in the United States, perhaps in the United Kingdom; you can choose to visit If you are not logged in, Google will ask you to login with your Google Account Details or create a new Google Account.

Google has made it possible to connect each and every one of its services with a single and general account, which is pretty awesome and makes everything a lot easier to access. Well, buddy, you will be surprised, but that’s all you need to do to create an AdWords account.

AdWords is very good at training. You will find all kinds of awesome resources to help you out in every step of the process. Google can walk you through every step of the process with very easy to apply steps, graphics and examples that will help you do everything right using AdWords. They also have videos at many places in the training area.