Step 2: Creating your first campaign

Campaign Name

Give your Campaign a recognizable name. A simpler name will make it easy for you to remember the account. Name the Campaign after the market or niche in which you want to start advertising.


Google Teaches that the campaign type you pick determines the places where your ads can appear through Google’s advertising networks (Search Network, Display Network), and the different settings and options available to you, such as bidding, location targeting, ad scheduling, or the types of ads you can create.

Choosing the right campaign type can help you tailor your campaign to what’s appropriate for your goals, so you can spend time focusing only on the features most relevant to you.

Networks and Devices

Networks and devices settings determines where on the internet and on which kinds of devices your ads will appear. The Networks space makes it easy for you to show up on Google Search, and also on Android’s display network.

You can also opt to display your Ads on mobile networks and iOS platform together with other devices with internet functionality. You are better off targeting all network places and methods for maximum exposure for your business.


This refers to where customers are located. Targeting areas will help your Ads appear where your clients are situated on earth.  Select a combination of places such as: Continent-Countries-Regions-Cities, etc., which you want to target.

Whether you deliver internationally or to a wider audience, focus on just one location. Come back later and develop custom Ad Campaigns for every market you target.


This makes it easy for you to reach customers speaking a particular language. Select a language in which you will write your Ads and websites. If you so wish to reach your customers through different languages; come back and develop custom Ad campaigns later.

Focus on one language on your fist campaign. Focusing on one language is one way to guarantee that your ads register success.

Bid Strategy

This is one of the ways that you control costs of the Ad Campaign. The bid is the amount of money you are willing to pay for every click on your Ad. The bidding section allows you to choose between two options:

  • Manual bidding point enables you to control your bid according to what you think the clicks will be worth.
  • Automatic bidding point is where the AdWords system manages your bids to get as many clicks as possible within your budget.
  • Budget

Your daily budget controls your costs and determines how often your Ads appear each day. When your costs reach your maximum amount; the Ads will stop showing for the remainder of the day. Set your budget at the maximum amount you are comfortable with each day.

If you spend the whole budget on clicks; your Ads will only appear some times, not all the time. Setting a higher budget increases the odds of your Ads being seen by potential clients at any given time during the day.

Ad Extensions

This is an awesome feature if you want to give to your potential customers more easy ways to find you.