Step 3: Upload The Cover & Profile Images Be Original

These 2 images will be the first thing your visitors will see once they get to  your Google+ Page, so for that reason you really need to be really good at it so people may get an appropriate first impression.

There are some extremely important tips you really need to be aware of on creating your cover and profile images:

  • People will need to see what your Google+ Page is all about in just a few seconds.
  • Avoid the use of call to action or any kind of advertising material, use only images to get people to know what your Google+ Page is all about.
  • Use images that show what your clients or customers really want, show the end result of your services right there in front of them. Just sell the benefits using images and not words.
  • If you have a special announcement related to your business or services, the cover image will be a great place to let people know about.
  • Use colors related to your company logo, product or any other kind of object you would be working with in order to satisfy those needs. Everything will need to be related to what you are offering or selling.
  • The profile image will be a great place to locate your logo, product or a photo of yourself.
  • If your profile image doesn’t show your logo, the cover image should be the place to put it.
  • The images should be clear and not confusing.
  • Avoid the use of long phrases or text that is hard to read.

For best results choose an image that is 500 x 500 pixels in size for the Profile Image and 2120 x 1192 pixels in size for the Cover Image.

Great you are done with Step 3. Now let’s create the about section.