Step 4: Advertise

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Step 4: Advertise

There is always a way to automate anything on the web, and the same is true with traffic to your video.

There are other ways you could advertise your video, but you have to remember that the real intention of your video is to make people do something

Social Advertising

There are many ideas you could use to make your video go viral, and one of the greatest ones is posting on social websites.

Maybe you are trying to get people to visit your website or an affiliate product, and you might be asking yourself why you don’t just post your website URL or affiliate links directly to your social accounts like Facebook or Twitter, instead of sending them a video that will redirect them to your website or URL.

There are many reasons for this, but the strongest ones are

  1. Not all social platforms allow you to post all kinds of URLs. Some social platforms really hate marketers placing CPA offers on their posts, even the CPA owners don’t allow that, and the way you might find out if that’s true is doing it and getting your account shut down, and because you don’t want that happen to you, just don’t do it. So that’s why it is recommended to post a video redirecting them to your offer. You could buy a nice domain name and have it redirected to your CPA or Affiliate offer.
  2. People react different. People’s attention to a video might be a lot more positive and attractive than just looking at a URL. People love watching videos, people like to hang out on social media. Even I don’t read a single word of what people type on their social accounts, I love to WATCH. Twitter is a great example of this, they limit your post to a maximum number of characters because people don’t like to read.
  3. It prepares them to act. The purpose of a video is preparing the viewer so once he enters your website or clicks on your affiliate link he is already prepared to do something. That would be what is called high converting or warm traffic. Cold traffic would be if you just post your link there and then they go straight to a sales page.
  4. It will go viral. If people love your video they will comment on it, they will retweet it, they will share it, they will do something with it, and that’s the power of social media. With just a click your video can go wildly viral.

Those are the most important reasons for posting your video on social media.

Sponsored Advertising

Something awesome about several video sharing sites is that they offer special advertising services for your video. This is how movie companies prelaunch their latest movies before they go live to the public.

You normally will find their advertising section at the bottom of their website.

Some of them offer even a special section of success stories where you are able to see what results other businesses are getting and how they are doing it. That is something extremely helpful for any business that wants to venture into this awesome advertising solution.

Others let you place your video on different parts of the video display area, like next to another video already playing, or as a related video option, or in the sponsor video section.

You can even have them contact you and prepare an awesome video marketing campaign that will bring some seriously great results.

As you can see, anything is possible with video. Just think of another idea, search it on the web and I’m really sure you will find that idea already has a service waiting for you to use.