Step 4 : Create the “About” Section Engaging The Visitor

There are a lot of things you can optimize your Google+ Page with like photos, videos, reviews, etc. But what you need to focus on just to start out is the About Section.

This is where you will be able to explain in a few and simple words what your business or service is all about.

The “People” section will be populated once you start getting people into your circles, as well when people get to put you in their circles. You may add your “contact information” as well as additional “links” but there is 1 principal place you should edit right away in this area; the “Story” Section. Just click the edit button and place the information needed.

It is very important that you may approach the visitors and the benefits they will get from your Google+ page. Avoid approaching yourself.

Great you are done with Step 4. Now it’s time for you to get to know the powerful marketing weapons Google+ pages have to offer to your business.