Step 5: Entering your Billing Details

This is a critical step to consider if you want to see your campaign succeed.

Account Type

The first thing you come across after logging into the billing page is the Account Type. If you are making an individual or business campaign, click on the tab that is applicable to you.

Name and Address

This is the section where you will enter your individual or business names where the bill will be sent. In the same section, you share your street address, city, etc., so that the bill can come to your door. Enter the right details, so that you do not miss getting your bill.

How You Pay

There are two ways to pay the bill. These two options include:

Automatic Payments: The payment is made after your Ad runs. Your Ads execute the instant you submit the billing information. You make payments after accruing costs. The payments are made automatically after reaching the billing threshold of thirty days.

Manual Payments: The payment option demands that you make payments before running Ads. Ads typically start running after your first payment is processed. Payment is deducted from the prepaid balance every time your account accrues costs.

What You Pay With

There are two ways you can opt to pay the bill. Check either Bank Account tab or Credit or Debit Card tab. Select an appropriate paying option that works best for you.

Billing communication language

An important tab. You select the language that you wish the billing information to be written in. Choose a language that you are familiar with, so that you avoid struggling with the billing information once you receive the bill.

Terms and Conditions

It’s unfortunate that many people just check the terms and conditions tab without going through them first. You are better off going through the terms of running an AdWords account. You will know the rules and abide by them, lest you risk being banned from doing something illegal. Carefully go through these conditions and only check the “I agree” box if you expect to conform to them.