Step 5: Google+ Marketing Tools Dominate The Best Ones

Now it’s time for you to get to know the powerful marketing weapons Google+ pages have to offer to your business. 5 are the weapons I want you to pay attention the most, those are Circles, What’s Hot, Community, Hangout, and the +1 button.


Something absolutely amazing about Google+ is that you are able to organize all of your contacts by group. Those groups are called Circles. You can name those circles however you want, this means you can organize your business on Google+ by niches.

This is something extremely powerful. You will have a separate posting interface to communicate with each circle, this is something can dramatically increase conversions and satisfaction from your customers, you can even post to all circles at once if you need to.

What’s Hot:

“What’s Hot” is a powerful weapon you can use to find out what’s hot on Google+. This information is something you can take a great advantage of because in that way you can focus your marketing relating your services to those hot topics.

Let me give you an example: let’s say today the Weddings topic is hot on Google+, you could post something related to your cake decorating business like: easy to apply techniques for modern wedding cakes.

This is something highly useful to your business because you will be able to talk the language your clients and customers are talking about on Google+.


A community will be an extremely powerful feature for you to create because it counts with a great communication platform to interact with your customers and clients.

You are able to decide on creating a public of private community. Maybe you are interested to create a private area for your loyal customers where you can communicate with them and send them elite information that only they can see.

Or you just can create a community for everyone to be part of it and interact with the audience.


I don’t have words to explain how amazing this extremely power weapon is for your business. A hangout it how it sounds, a hangout with your friends or in this case with your clients and customers, but what will show you the most is that it is a Live hangout with real people in real time.

The days are gone where you had to learn how to manage complicated technology to get live presentations online. The days are gone that you had to pay for expensive software and even hosting to store your live video presentations.

You don’t have to wait long hours either to get your live presentation ready for people to access them once it is done, because they didn’t have time to attend.

  • Live broadcasts are only a few clicks away. Stream your Hangout On Air publicly on Google+, your YouTube channel, and your website.
  • You don’t need special software to record your conversation. Every Hangout On Air is automatically saved to your YouTube account.
  • Once your Hangout On Air is over, it’s easy to keep the conversation going. The recording will be available on Google+ and on your YouTube channel.

Can you imagine all you can do with this? You can give live presentations about your services, you can even show them samples of what you do, you can build your clients and customers trust extremely high by teaching them something related to what you are offering to them.

1+ Button:

In the marketing world, it is widely known that “Recommendation” and “Testimonials” are 2 of the strongest “call to action” for people to make the decision to buy.

Social media is considered “Word of mouth on digital steroids.” People use social networks to share what they thing about anything, this includes products and services.

The +1 button by Google+ is the “Word of Mouth” weapon provided by Google where you may connect your website with the rest of the world though social media (in this case Google+ users)

Let Google itself show you how to connect your +1 button to your website:

Great you are done with Step 5. Now it’s time for you to get the most out of Google+ Page posting.