Step 6: Getting familiar with your AdWords Account

Home Tab

The home tab page gives you an overview of how your account is performing. Here, you will access alerts and announcements.

Advice: when you log into your account, kindly check the alerts and reports sections. These are the places that AdWords will post the latest news and any critical information.

There are numerous other helpful sections on the home tab.

You will find an overview of your campaign and performance, as well as information showing you what keywords are working best and links to useful content. Make sure you check them out.

Campaigns Tab

If you follow every step of the process, you will be able to see sub tabs like:  Campaigns, Ad groups, Settings, Ads, Keywords, Ad Extensions and Dimensions.

One thing to note is the availability of help notes everywhere, which is awesome.

Clicking on the settings Sub tab will show you the campaign settings page. This page reveals where your Ad is targeted and your daily budget. This is the place you visit whenever you wish to change any of the settings.

The Ads Sub Tab shows you the performance of all running Ads, including the status of your Ads. All Ads running on Google have to be reviewed. The process ensures that they conform to Google’s advertising policy. There are Ads that will run pending a review, while there are Ads that will need to be considered before running.

You can go ahead and check out the other sub tabs and take a look at them.

Opportunities tab

The opportunities area is a really cool place where you will be able to get advice on how to set up a more effective campaign, as well as personalized opportunities you can implement in your advertising efforts.

Because your campaign is new, you won’t see any opportunities just yet.

Tools tab

Finally, in the tools you will find tools in which Google AdWords has invested a lot of money, so you can make the most out of Google AdWords on behalf of your business.

The most famous tool is the Keyword Planner. Here you will be able to plan your next successful search campaign a lot easier. You just need to type a topic. Take a look at some parameters like Country and Language. And then you can see a lot of awesome ad groups you can use to add to your existing campaign and enhance your audience reach significantly.