Step 6 : Posting Getting The Most Out Of It

I´m so excited to explain to you what posting is all about, and I will give you some really cool advice on this as well.

The posting interface is where we will do part of the magic here on your Google+ Page. And let me show you all of the amazing things this really cool box is capable of doing.


Once you post something onto your Google+ Page every single person that has followed your Google+ Page will receive that same post onto their own Google+ Personal Account “Home.”

The Google+ Home is:

  1. The first thing that a Google+ user looks at every time they enter into their personal Google+ account.
  2. It is the place where a Google+ user receives every single post, video, image, etc. that their Google+ friends have posted onto their own Google+ accounts, as well as all the posts, videos and images from all the Google+ Pages they have followed.
  3. It is one of the most seen places of the entire Google+ Personal Account by every Google+ User.

Viral Effect:

The great thing about a post is that once your friends see the post they can do 3 actions:  +1, Share and Comment, making the post amazingly viral:

If your friends click on any of those buttons, their friends will receive a notification about it, and if the friends of your friends do the same, the viral effect is then taking place, with just a simple and single click.

Tips and Guidelines:

  • It is obvious to tell you this, but it is important to remind you that you really need to post something of value. If you go to your own Google+ Home, you can see everything your friends are sharing with you, so pay close attention on those posts that entice you to +1, comment or even share it with your own friends. Take those attractive posts as an example for your postings. The purpose of your post is not to get just views, you want people to click on it, +1, comment on it, and even share it with others.
  • Questions are good to make people respond (comment) on your post.
  • Do not post like crazy, it is really annoying, and people will start un-liking you and even un-following you.
  • I strongly advise you to create a post experiment for +1. You can post every day, but at a different hour; and in that way you can see when people usually get into their Google+ accounts because the post will be in front of them right away.
  • Now that you know at what time to post, you may pay attention on a post experiment for comments and shares at the same time. In that way you will know your audience really well and avoid un-follows gaining more interactions.
  • Do some research online and if you find any report, video, training or software freely available to get and completely related to your Google+ Page topic; that will be great to share. Your audience will start finding your Google+ Page useful enough to care about it once you send them a new post.

And finally, we will guide you to get as many followers and contacts as possible for your brand new Google+ Page so you may get the most out of this amazing technology and its super viral social advertising power.