Step 7 Getting Followers Quickly And Safely

You may have the greatest and most complete Personal Profile, Company Page, or Business Group in the world, but without followers you are lost. First of all, let me explain the power that is within a LinkedIn Follower.

The buttons “Connect,” “Follow,” or “Join” have exactly the same purpose that an opt-in form has:

An opt-in form has the purpose of collecting the contact information of as many people as possible, thus creating what is called a “List,” so the administrator of the opt-in form may contact everyone in the “List” by email using an email auto-responder service. This is what is called Email Marketing.

On the other hand, the “Connect”, “Follow” or “Join” buttons will give the ability to your friends and visitors to be part of a list as well – a list of people who follow your Personal Profile, or Company Page or Group.  So you can contact them directly in their “Home,” which the user checks very often, and in my opinion more often than their email account.

The purpose is the same. Contact or send a message to a list of people who have decided to accept information from the administrator of the opt-in form or LinkedIn Personal Profile, Company Page, or Group.

Now I will show you the 5 most effective techniques to get a great amount of real followers quickly and safely.

1. Connect to People:

What you need to do here is to start looking for people relevant to your business and start connecting them to your personal profile.

2. Follow Company Pages:

You can search for relevant Company pages and follow them, so you may have the ability to interact with a Company relevant to your business as well as find highly relevant followers with whom you can connect.

3. Join Groups:

You can search for relevant groups and join them, so you may have the ability to interact with a group relevant to your business as well as find highly relevant members with whom you can connect.

4. Comment:

Another great thing to do is to comment on other popular posts. A lot of people are looking at those posts and, if you comment on them, they will see you and they will be interested to stop by your LinkedIn Personal Profile and take a look at it.

Comment something really helpful; something that might motivate people to comment back to you or thank you for your great participation.

Find highly shared posts and start commenting helpful information. Try to focus on your company’s topic or niche if you can.

And finally, let me show you something absolutely amazing about LinkedIn to help find connections and followers.

4. Advertise:

LinkedIn comes with an absolutely amazing Advertising Platform. You will be able to advertise anything you want from here, from custom URLs to Personal Profiles and Even Company Pages. This is just an amazing way to find as many connections, followers, and members as you want.

You will be able to advertise on text, images, and even videos; something that hardly any other social platform will offer.

This is absolutely amazing, because we will be advertising to millions of high talented people, serious successful people that will be really open to great new opportunities you may offer to them.

And that’s it for the 7 steps. Extremely easy, don’t you think?


LinkedIn is extremely easy to manage. It happens the same way as with every single thing in life: things are not difficult. You just need to know where everything is and how you can properly use it – and that does it.

It is the same with LinkedIn. Now that you know everything that you really need to position your business over LinkedIn in the shortest time possible,  you just need to apply it and do it for yourself.

Thanks so much for the time you have dedicated to learning how to get the most advantage out of LinkedIn for you and your business. LinkedIn has come to stay in the market forever.

A lot of money is invested in LinkedIn, and all of it is for both of us. Let’s use it and reach our most precious business goals.

To Your Success,