Step 7: Going Mobile with AdWords.

Going mobile with Google AdWords is extremely simple, as well. The way you can convert it to be displayed on mobile devices is really simple. You first go to the campaign tab. Then, click on the ads sub tab. Then, you click on the edit button to edit the tab. There you see the option to advertise on mobile devices, as well.

If you would like to activate the mobile advertising right from the beginning of the ad creation, you can do so. You can create a new ad group by clicking on ad groups. Click on the red button ad group. Then, select your Campaign.

Selecting the final URL option will let you insert your mobile optimized URL. If your website is responsive, which means it can be viewed on any device, then just enter the same URL. As you can see, Google AdWords has been optimizing all these advertising tools to be extremely simple and quick to manage.