What’s A LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn company page is the new online home for your business on LinkedIn. It provides your business with a public identity on LinkedIn, and it’s where you connect with customers, develop your brand, and engage your following as well as connect and interact with professionals and other companies that are willing to succeed online.

On a few things, LinkedIn is very similar to Google Plus and Facebook. A personal LinkedIn “account” is something completely different from a LinkedIn “Company Page”.

A LinkedIn Company Page is a website you create and connect to the LinkedIn platform. A personal LinkedIn is simply an account for personal use, known as the LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn Company Page is a special website you can create for business purposes from your LinkedIn profile.

In order to create a LinkedIn Company Page, it is necessary to have a LinkedIn Profile account, as well as meet some really important guidelines that you will see in the next chapter. You can create your LinkedIn Company Pages inside of your personal LinkedIn account.

There is no connection whatsoever between your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn Company Pages except for administrative purposes. This means the direct owner will remain anonymous to those interacting with his/her LinkedIn Company Pages. And yes, it is possible to create multiple LinkedIn Company Pages.

You can name the URL of your LinkedIn Company Page however you want.  This gives your page an incredible buzz and makes it more detectable for search engines across the Internet. It looks like this:




  1. Cover Image





Well, I guess that’s enough for a really clear example of a LinkedIn Company Page. Now it’s time to create yours.

Remember that in order to create a LinkedIn Company Page you will need to have access to a personal LinkedIn account as well as meet some important requirements.

The following chapters will provide what you really need in order to complete the step by step process to establish your Business over LinkedIn the easiest way possible, and in the shortest time ever. Here you will find the most  necessary components of a highly successful LinkedIn Marketing Campaign.