Why Local Marketing?

Amazing Benefits:

Credibility: having your business’ local presence everywhere on the web will increase your business’ authenticity on the web.

If you place your business on the web with images, physical address and valuable information about your products and services; viewers will rely on your local listings more than other traditional listings.

According to the NDA Group report, about 57% of online customers browse online but they buy offline.

Stronger Access to Local Market: You can take advantage of local marketing by having a direct connection with your customers and community. That will maximize the chance to gain additional and future opportunities.

You can also refer the services of other local businesses that offer complementary services. In turn, they will come back to you with extra added benefits, because other local businesses in your communities will refer you to their customers.

Brand Loyalty: a really high level of customer service and the creation of top quality products will help you to build your brand in your local community really well. Make sure to offer quality and provide the best services to your local customers.

You can also use social media for communication and engagement with your customers. Social media can be the best way to gather brand loyalty for your local business if you update it on a regular basis.

Accessibility for mobile searchers: If your website is registered in local directories and has a mobile optimized layout then your viewers can easily find and navigate it. This will add an extra advantage over your competition.

Millions, if not all mobile devices have applications which help the customer find any business near them. These applications will help you get a large amount of potential customers coming through your local business’ doors.

Easy to implement: Complexity is a word that is disappearing over the web nowadays. One of the strongest visions of any service or product on the web is to make it as easy as possible for the user.

The same can be said about Local Marketing. You will be amazed how much time, money and effort important companies are spending to create the greatest local marketing tools ever that are 100% free to you or at least a fraction of the real cost.

Targeting and Personalization: You will get extremely targeted customers for your products and services because you will know who they are, where they come from and what they like.

You can classify your customers on their demographic profile like age, gender, buying habits, geographic location, income level, occupation, hobbies and interests. You can do almost anything on the web.

Increase revenue: How much do you usually spend on local marketing activities around your local business area? How much do you think you can get doing it on the web and way faster? With just a few clicks.

That alone will save you a good amount of money. But the principal idea of targeting a lot more of your local customers a lot faster is leading them to buy your products and services more often. And that is also possible.

Analytics: Analytics allows you to see who is looking for your products and services, when they last checked out your website and where they were online previously. That’s something really hard to do offline.

These statistics will allow you to adjust your marketing plan accordingly. You can completely monitor your social media and website activities. All these things have a positive effect on your productivity.

Free traffic: yeah, that’s right, you will get a lot of free local-customer traffic to your website when you submit it to local directories.

Google states that 40% of mobile queries are related to local business searches. Several search engines also have local directories where you can submit your listing too.

Channel Engagement: the less traffic your competitor’s website gets, the more opportunity you have to engage those customers, promote your products and services in your community and increase your revenue streams.

As you know local engagement is key to increasing your revenue. People will remember you because you are there constantly reminding them that your awesome offer is about to expire.

Shocking Facts:

Here are some amazing eye opening facts that will show you why you have to use Local Marketing to market your Business. Source

  • 74% of Internet users perform local searches.
  • More than 100 MILLION PEOPLE a month use Google Maps from mobile phones to find business information.
  • 66% of American’s use online local search, like Google local search to locate local businesses.
  • 61% of local searches result in purchases.
  • 54% of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for phone books.
  • Microsoft has claimed that 53% of mobile searches on Bing are local in nature.
  • 82% of local searches follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase.
  • Nearly ONE in TWO shoppers for local products and services are using their smartphones.
  • Without a mobile presence, you are essentially neglecting or potentially insulting HALF of your target demographic.
  • As much as 43% of Google Search traffic has local content.

Data like this makes it clear there is a lot of money to be made with Local Marketing. And while lots of people might be talking about it, very few can really teach you how to productively use Local Marketing on behalf of your business.